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Is organizational or personal change distracting and disruptive to your success? Wini Curley, PhD is an expert at helping organizations and individuals navigate change successfully.

Clean up what's not working & shift your energy back into success gear!

Change happens in business and life. When it is unexpected, you may feel like you have been 'knocked sideways' by the shock or surprise. Even when you know it is coming, the reality and unfamiliar situations can be scary and distracting. You may feel stressed and your energy drained.  It is no surprise that this experience can threaten performance and  contaminate the heart and mind with fear and doubt.  Feeling trapped, stuck, or shocked can be toxic to productivity, job satisfaction, and happiness.

Wini Curley, PhD is an expert at helping organizations and individuals cleanup this stress and refocus energy toward a positive outcome.  Whether you are dealing with change you want or change that is unwelcome, you can achieve success using Wini's four key principals:

  • Redirect energy and attitudes to a positive outcome
  • Capture the 'Lesson in the Mess' provided by the challenge (there is one),
  • Engage intuition and heart along with knowledge to power movement, and
  • Transition good ideas into implemented practices.


Are You Lucky?

Wini shares the 4 keys to  improve your luck. Watch her interview with Jeff Philips of In Focus Studios.

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Working with INDIVIDUALS

High achieving professionals like entrepreneurs, attorneys, executives, and medical specialists have daily unrelenting pressure to stay focused and get it right all the time.  However, challenges come up in business and personal life that are distracting, sometimes on a deep level. This can result in a threat to performance, which contaminates the heart and mind with fear and doubt.  Free yourself to get back on track - or take a new path - and energize the best of your heart and spirit by detoxing negative thoughts and feelings in a group program or private sessions with Wini. See more information under Individuals.


Successful corporations and non-profits today recognize that people are their most powerful asset.  Having teams that communicate well and are engaged and empowered can transform productivity in a work environment, increase job satisfaction, and turbo charge project results.  Don't stop with just what an employee knows or can do.  Engage who they are and what they care about to create a culture of success and loyalty. Let Wini help you optimize the outcome for Executive Board Retreats, Staff Development Workshops, and Membership Presentations. See more information under Organizations.