About Wini

Dr. Wini Curley Ph.D. is a Resilience and Teamwork Expert.  As a speaker, consultant, and coach she works with leaders and their organizations to inspire team engagement and synergy,  leverage the value of lessons learned from challenges, and create rewarding work situations with room left for Life. 

Dr. Wini's practical approach, sense of humor, and kindness make it easy for clients to feel safe and comfortable working through touchy topics. With her background as a toxicologist and belief that life is a laboratory, she facilitates the discovery of the deeper value of each challenge and how to use that lesson as the catalyst for satisfying change.  Her clients report that Dr. Wini's coaching provided invaluable insights, practices, and perspective that helped them grow through (not just get through) their challenges.  Clients report feeling even more aligned, empowered, and connected to their best self than they had hoped when they signed up to work with Dr. Wini.

Her presentations inspire and empower her listeners to incorporate their strengths and abilities in achieving even higher levels of productivity and performance.

 A Little History

For over 20 years, Dr. Wini Curley has been a sought after environmental toxicologist, consultant, and expert witness cleaning up hazardous waste sites.  At the same time, she had her challenges and changes to deal with —a daughter with a life threatening condition, and later her own emergency surgery and a brush with mortality. As a consultant and high achieving professional, she had to find a better way to deal with the stress and doubt and fear that accompanied change.  Personal growth study became her passion, and now her business.

Dr. Wini is an expert at cleaning up toxic messes whether they are out in the environment, or inside your head and heart. Her years serving corporate clients, working in small to large top tier consulting firms, and owning her own firm provide Dr. Wini with the skills and experience to relate to her clients in business and professional associations.