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Dr. Curley has spoken to groups from 10 to 400. Audiences leave empowered to move past their challenges. They are uplifted and inspired to connect to their authentic self, and put that to work in their life and career. Wini's four core principals are keys to getting clear on the change you want and making possibilities a reality:

  1. Detox negative or limiting thoughts
  2. Discover the lesson in the challenge
  3. Access your intuition and spirit to power change, and
  4. Go beyond the 'ah-hah ideas' to a practical solution

Requested Programs

Examples of Wini’s talking and training topics

Breakthrough Your Barriers: How to Succeed at Work and Still Have a Life

Ready to stop banging your head against the same barriers?  Frustrated by being pulled too many directions and not feeling great about any of it?  Learn the 5 keys to opening up balance between all that you give and what you get in return.  Warning: Increased enthusiasm for life and work are a likely result.

Name That Pain: 3 Simple Tips to Make a Change That Lasts

Frustrated by not being able to stick to a change you really want?  Is staying motivated a challenge? Know you are missing something, but can’t put your finger on it?  Discover what holds you back and common mistakes that sabotage success and lasting change.  Stay connected to your motivation and get your momentum going.

Bounce Back Stronger When You Get Knocked Sideways. A Guide for High Achievers

Things were ticking along pretty normally, and then SMACK.  Life hits you with a 2 x 4.  Are you exhausted from toughing it out? Are you so negative you don’t recognize yourself? Find out the key principals that help you keep going, stay productive, process your feelings, and gain wisdom and confidence from the challenge.




Please contact us at info@winicurley.com or 919-960-8897 to coordinate scheduling and for our most recent Speaker Investment Fee Schedule.  Fees vary by assignment and customization needs.

Types of services include:

  • Keynotes
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Staff Development Workshops
  • Board/Management Retreats
  • Executive Coaching
  • Panel Discussions
  • Media Interviews