Testimonials for Wini

What Organizations Say About Working With Wini......

Dr. Curley implemented training for approximately 80 Relationship Bankers at BB&T and did an outstanding job.  She displayed impressive teaching and presentation skills, and engaged the audience. I received a lot of positive feedback on her presentation.  She came well prepared, and I consider her to be a great resource.  It was  pleasure to work with Dr. Curley, and  I encourage you to reach out to her.

     Scott Greene, Senior Vice President, Regional Retail Banking Manager, BB&T

Dr. Wini Curley presented an inspiring message of optimism in the face of change to a group of trainees. They were engaged and motivated by the positive ideas and caring she shared. Wini was also a pleasure to work with at every stage of planning her talk. Many thanks from the instructors and students!

     Jennifer Miller, Asst. Professor, USC Sol Price School of Public Policy

Wini provides honest, non-confrontational and easy to implement solutions to challenging internal issues. Her insight is invaluable. I highly recommend her to those who are attempting to make changes (from simple to major) in their lives, businesses or careers. “

     Brian Scott, Entrepreneur, VP Aggie Technologies

What Individuals Say About Working With Wini......

Private sessions with individuals are confidential.  However, I have permission to share the following:


“Working with Wini radically changed my relationship with money – for good!  I now have an increasing income, savings,  and handle my money fears without anxiety.”

            ESL Certified Teacher


“Wini’s process helped me to view some things in a different way, untwist some tangled notions, [and] connect my spirit with my intentions. I [regained] a calm, confident energy that I hadn't felt in a while. My path became clear, and I took it!”       

              From Banker to Social Worker


“I can always count on Wini’s advice and processes to help me find my way out of the hole. Not only did I relax and keep going, but I actually landed my dream job! AND it happened much sooner than expected!” 

            Training Director for INC 500 Company       


“Wini has an uncanny ability to quickly focus on what holds you back, and then she helps you get past it.  Working with her and my business coach helped me more than double my business in a year. and then I did it again the next year! The unexpected bonuses were that my personal life improved, and I am now seen as a leader in my business community.”

            Small Business Owner (10 employees)