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    Use the tools from 3 podcasts to reduce daily stress, get motivated for a change you want, and become flexible and resilient not frustrated and angry when your plans take a detour.


      Lunch & Learn - Resilience Skills™ - 3 Tips To Make Work and Life Less Stressful

      Use this Cheat Sheet as a reminder and quick reference guide when you are dealing with annoying 'disruptions'.  The WebEx content is summarized in 2 pages.

      Podcast - Tips to De-stress At Your Desk

      7 techniques to reduce stress in less than 10 minutes.  What's your favorite?

      Podcast - 3 Simple Steps To Make A Change That Lasts

      Stay motivated and on track with clarity about the value of what you are going toward when you set a goal to make a change or improvement.

      Podcast - Guilt -Free Trade-Offs - How To Change Priorities Effectively

      Develop resilience and flexibility in response to changing priorities - rather than being stuck in anger and frustration.