Executive Coaching

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Discover how you can feel whole, joyful, connected & alive again after being "knocked sideways" by some of life's toughest experiences.

Working with Individuals

High achieving professionals like entrepreneurs, attorneys, executives, and medical specialists have daily unrelenting pressure to stay focused and get it right all the time.  However, challenges come up in business and personal life that are distracting, sometimes on a deep level. This can result in a threat to performance, which contaminates the heart and mind with fear and doubt.  Free yourself to get back on track – or take a new path – and energize the best of your heart and spirit by detoxing negative thoughts and feelings in a group program or private sessions with Wini.


How can I work with Wini?

Perhaps you have heard Wini speak, or be interviewed on the radio or online venues.  Maybe you have read an article she published.  One of the best ways to take a short cut to a forward leap in your progress is to work directly with Wini.  But how do you know what the benefit may be, and if Wini’s work is a good match for you?  Apply for a FREE  Mindset Success Discovery Session to find out.  The purpose of this phone call with Wini is to identify what your best next step toward clarity and change may be, and if  Wini is a good fit to help you with that step.


To apply for a private telephone Mindset Success Discovery Session, CLICK HERE.

Options for working together include:

 Private Sessions with Wini

  • Individual mentoring and coaching sessions last approximately 60 minutes - packages with one, three, or five sessions available.
  • Executive VIP package - two half days to focus on a specific goal and release the underlying roadblocks

Wini works with private clients in person from her office in Chapel Hill, NC or also virtually via phone and/or Skype video conference.


Group programs

  • live Teleseminars or Webinars are available periodically
  • Recordings of previous trainings - NEW products coming soon!