Intuition and Business

What would be the value to you of connecting more deeply to your inner knowing? When I Googled ‘business leaders and intuition’, I found a variety of respected sources including Forbes, The Huffington Post, and Harvard Business Review that all reported intuition as a valuable tool for success in business and leadership. 

There is more to reality than just facts and logic, when you allow yourself to connect to something deeper.

Strengthening your relationship with your inner knowing can facilitate decision making. This valuable tool can help you access creative approaches and clearer solutions to challenges at work and at home. Accept this invitation to consciously develop your relationship with your inner knowing and explore how it can serve you.   

Recognize the Signals – Notice your personal signals for what intuition feels like.  Can you tell the difference between intuition about a decision or action, versus fear or excitement about it? Not everything that is exciting is a good choice! Based on my own experience and working with coaching clients over the years, here is a tip for how to tell the difference. 

When you ‘have a feeling’ (good or bad) about something, if it is based in fear it will typically feel restrictive and often negative, heavy, or sad. Excitement without substance can feel ungrounded and frenetic. In contrast, intuition or thoughts from your inner knowing (including excitement) tend to feel grounded and connected, neutral or positive, and expansive. The sensation is like an opening is being created rather than a limitation or restriction being imposed.

This feeling of expansion or opening happens even with you are deciding against a certain path, or declining an opportunity. 

With some practice you will be able to easily distinguish between a reaction based in fear or disconnected excitement, versus an insight based on inner knowing. 

Applications  – Does a gut feeling come to you more often around people or situations? Will this person I am interviewing be a good fit? Is this client project a direction we want to go? Notice if there is a focus or specific topics or decisions that activate your intuition. Pay attention to those twinges of knowing or flashes of insight. Just because your inner knowing isn’t happening all the time or in all conditions, does not mean it isn’t real. 

Play with it! As you become more aware of your intuition and its signals and applications, the ways it can serve you is likely to expand. You can develop a stronger relationship with this very special part of you as you treat it with care and respect. Then you will be able to put your intuition to work for you!

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