6 Tips to Keep Calm and Stay Safe

Staying calm as you practice Isolating and Social Distancing may be as important as disinfecting your hands and surfaces at home.  Scientific studies show (Google ‘stress impacts on the immune system’) that prolonged stress can weaken your immune system.  Fear and anxiety can cause distress to your body.

Since we all want to maintain a strong immune system right now, here are 6 suggestions to limit fear and foster calm to help your mind and body stay safe.

Limit Input – So much of the news right now can be alarming. It is important to stay informed, however, if your stress and anxiety levels rise as you watch and listen to the reports, limit your time spent with that information. Try applying the 90/10 rule, with 10% of your time allocated to staying informed. Use 90% of your time to be productive, relax, or enjoy an activity.

Connect to Nature.  This can be as easy as taking a walk.  Like our neighbors, you can walk your dog, or kids, or yourself.  Keep a 6 ft distance from whomever you encounter, and don’t hug or shake hands.  You will get to breathe fresh air and move your body.  If you have bike trails or easy access to places to hike, go for it!  Remember to take your own snack, water, and hand wipes.

Meditate or Pray – if your stress and anxiety spikes (like after watching the news), take a few minutes out to center and calm yourself.  Meditation, prayer, and breathing techniques are all good ways to release unwanted tensions.  Check out the available apps for meditation if you need some assistance.  It really isn’t that hard, and even 3 minutes can make a big difference.

Tidy Up – Chaos is stressful.  If you feel the need for control and order, then create it in the part of your world that you can.  Clean out a drawer a day, or go full Ninja on a closet or room (the garage?).  Another option is to organize and clean out electronic files. One of my friends is going through old photos and sharing them via text.  OMG – 80’s hair.

Laugh – One of the best releases for tension is laughter.  Find videos, articles, or movies that make you laugh out loud and give yourself permission to fully engage.

Connect – We are so fortunate to have the technology to visit virtually.  Use FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom to have video chats with people you enjoy.  Those tools don’t just have to be for work.  Ease your worry about loved ones by checking in on them and letting them know how you are doing.

Wishing you wellness and calm as you stay safe for the coming weeks.

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