A Travel Miracle -From Miserable to Magical

I am going to miss my flight! The whole day ran late.  The conference session ended late.  The traffic dawdled.  The restaurant was painfully slow serving lunch. 

Panic began to rise when I noticed it was 20 minutes after my drop-dead time to leave for the airport. I still need to get gas, drive to the airport, return the rental car, get my bag checked, and get through the security line.  By the time I get in the car, I’ll have 35 minutes to do all that and be on time. The drive alone usually takes that long …..on a good day.  

Have you ever had a trip like this?

Would your internal critic start spitting out negatives like a machine gun – like mine did? “You’ll never make it. You are so DUMB to be late again. You will never make this flight.”   Stress and anxiety filled me. My energy spiraled down into resignation, and I could feel defeat settling in. 

But wait! I was reading the book Eby Pam Grout. I decided I wanted a miracle to happen Right Now!  I’m with you Pam!

I will manifest being on that flight!  Logic and the clock are not in charge of me.  I choose Magical not Miserable.

I detoxed my internal thoughts and feelings immediately (and repeatedly).  I was stunned at how gripping and automatic my negative response was.  I could feel the tug of war between succumbing to negatives (and logic), versus staying powerfully connected to the positive thoughts and intentions I needed to make some magic and get on that flight. 

Each time it popped up, I let go of the doubts and negative thoughts and feelings, and let the positive energy replace it. I was fully committed to my goal.  I consciously released doubt and fear! 

I experienced intentionally connecting to a powerful positive energy flow. 

My inner conversation became ‘The traffic (and lights) will flow smoothly. I will make this flight. I don’t have to know exactly how. This is going to work!’  It became an intentional mantra of positive thoughts and feelings.

At the rental car return, a new lane opens just as I drive up.  I go right to the front with a check in person waiting for me.  Out of nowhere, a man immediately walks up with a luggage dolly and asks if I need help. I have never seen baggage service people in the rental car return area before!  “I have a Delta flight that leaves in less than an hour,” I said. “Can you get me and my bag on board?” He looks at his watch and says, “If we hurry, I can.”  We hurried. 

At Delta, a self-serve ticket kiosk opens in front of me with no line.  I print my boarding pass, while my helper (who gets a very nice tip) finds a Delta agent, and they check my bag without me having to wait in the 20+ person line. 

At security, there are hundreds of people leaving Orlando (imagine a Sunday summer evening in the land of Disney).  However, only 3 people are ahead of me for TSA pre-check!!  I clear security, hop on the tram, and arrive at the gate with 15 minutes to spare. 

This is a true story.  Soooo many things had to fall in place to make that flight. It was definitely a Miracle, and a Magical experience! You may be skeptical and say it was all just luck or a coincidence.  It didn’t feel like that to me.  It felt intentional.  

What if you can intentionally create magical outcomes yourself?  In my next article, I’ll tell you all about ACT,  the approach you too can use to get your desired Happy Endings.

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