ACT – 3 Steps from Miserable to Magical

It felt like I bent time somehow to get on my scheduled flight as described in last week’s article. Traffic, rental car return, bag check, support people, and security all had to align with my intention to make the flight. And it happened! Here are the three steps I used to get myself there with time to spare. You can use this approach also, and ACT in alignment with your desired outcome to take your experience from miserable to magical.

Awareness – Notice your negative thoughts and how giving in to them can shut down the possibility of success.   Don’t let the circumstances keep you from seeing and feeling the possibility for positive outcomes.

Choice – Consciously choose a positive outcome. This includes choosing positive thoughts and feelings over the negative. Keep your energy from spiraling into resignation and defeat. Connect to the feeling of what it is like to succeed, and intentionally align your internal conversation with that.

Trust – Believe that you will be supported, and that you don’t have to know exactly how that will happen. Be alert and open to accepting that support when it does show up (like my baggage assistant from last week). Follow up with gratitude for that support.

Using the ACT approach, you can detox your internal conversation and negative energy from moment to moment, and stay connected to the positive. Like my story last week, you can completely change your experience from miserable to magical. 

I teach my clients to detox their internal conversations and focus positive energy and clear intention for a specific desirable outcome. This key skill helps get the results you want in business and life. Being late while traveling seriously tested my ability to claim the positive. However, the time urgency of my ‘travel miracle’ was a clear reminder of just how quickly you can shift your real-world situation.

What negative ‘I can’t’ story are you telling yourself about something that you really want to accomplish? Tell yourself a new story. 

Change your internal conversation and energy to the positive, and ACT in alignment with that intention. You can literally change your world!

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