Afraid to start a project or goal? – Tips so you don’t get stuck and can keep moving.

building corner 500x95Can you see around corners before you get there? Of course not. When you start a project or goal, no matter how hard you try, you can’t see the details of the entire path. You can envision the overall goal, but there will be twists and turns along the way, even if you have a great plan. Most corners you just can’t see around until you get there. Don’t let that make you afraid to start, or have you get stuck part way down the path.

At the end of June I hosted an event called Summer Camp for the Soul.  One of the key messages I shared with the ‘Campers’ is to use the Stepping Stone Approach when you start a project or are beginning your journey toward a goal. The Stepping Stone Approach says that after you identify a primary overall goal, you have to set smaller ‘bite size’ steps for milestones that are achievable and specific. That probably isn’t new news to you.  The problem is that many of us get stuck or are afraid to start because we can’t see the details of each step ‘far enough’ down the path in front of us. We can’t see around the corner. That uncertainty can be deadly, if you let it stop you.  When moving forward is super scary, choose smaller slower steps.  The key is to start (or keep moving) anyway.

Think about how naturally occurring stepping stones work.  They are not usually all the same size or the same distance apart.  They are not usually in a straight line.  When there is a curve or turn in the path, you may not be able to see past that point until you get closer. That doesn’t mean you have to be afraid to start or that you will get stuck. When you get close enough, you may discover that the big stone you saw out in the middle of the path is really two smaller stones close together. Or an important step may appear that you couldn’t see from farther away.

The Stepping Stone Path says keep going as long as you can see at least one or two, maybe three, clear steps ahead, and the overall goal is still viable. You are also free to ask for help from someone more knowledgeable or experienced. Focus your attention and intention on why the overall goal matters to you, and keep moving.  You can adjust your pace, direction, and stride as needed.  Stay alert and look for next best steps to become clearer, and keep moving toward your goal  With practice comes familiarity and confidence, and not being able to see around corners won’t be a stumbling block anymore.


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