How to Choose Your Word for 2017 – Mine is Courage

When I meditated about why I did not get as much writing done as I wanted in 2016, I noted that I consistently procrastinated and hesitated to both start and finish articles. My inner conversation sounded like this: ‘what if people don’t like what you write’ or ‘you aren’t coming up with anything earth shattering’, or ‘just wait until…….(you fill in the blank)’. The procrastination and hesitation were symptoms of fear, and I let my fears stop me.  The reasons for the fears were subconscious.  However, the feelings of uncertainty or hesitation, and habits of postponing time to write were very real challenges.

I decided rather than spend tons of time digging into what I was really afraid of (success? failure?) and why (childhood conditioning?), I would focus on the solution instead.  What overcomes fear?  Courage – the willingness and ability to act in the face of fear. And so I am being courageous in 2017.  When I feel that hesitation or inner conversation that says stop or wait or don’t trust yourself, the cure for me is courage.

For my word, in order for me to stay diligent in honoring it, I need a Being word – a way I choose to presence myself.  I can then apply that way of being across lots of Doing challenges.   As I teach my coaching clients all the time, Being sets your energy and context to support whatever you are Doing.

Every day I still feel the hesitation and doubt.  However, I connect to the feeling and purpose of courage, and I can keep moving. As I get better at being this way, the intensity of doubt and hesitation seems to be softening.  I claimed my Courage to reach out, and Courage to believe that I have something helpful to tell you.

Here are my 3 tips to help you choose and use your word for 2017:

  1. Identify a challenge that you would like to address/solve this year. What is the outcome you want?  Write it down and why it is important for you to achieve THIS year.  Mine was getting past procrastination and hesitation to write and market, so I can reach more people and grow my business in 2017.  It matters because I love what I do and want to play bigger.
  2. Select a word that helps you accomplish your goal. If you select a Doing word to accomplish specific actions, look deeper for the Being quality that will enable you to do those actions consistently. Perhaps you want both a Doing and Being word together.  I now have several Doing words like Write, but it (along with other activities like marketing) is the outcome of Being Courageous in the face of hesitation and procrastination.
  3. Connect to your word(s) every day. Spend a few moments in the morning bringing the energy of the word(s) into your heart, mind, and body. Think it, and feel it emotionally and physically. If you get off track during the day, take 3 minutes and do it again.  I have Courage posted on the wall by my desk.

What is your word for 2017?  Leave a comment to let me know your word, and how this process supported you.

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