Get Your Long-Term Goals to Bloom – Part 1

Photo by Dr. Wini Curley – Kitchen Window Orchids

I am having breakfast and gazing out my kitchen window.  As I peer through the colorful riot of prolific blooms from the 7 orchid plants that live there, it hits me!  The way that I care for my orchids to keep them healthy and re-blooming is the same way I need to be tending to my long-term business and career goals so they can also ‘blossom’.  These beautiful orchids are showing me a path forward where I have been stuck.

What is on my heart and mind are some long-term business goals I want to re-energize.  They are the long-standing ever-present goals like:  attract new clients, build my online reach, write more, and establish beneficial partnerships.  These goals that were once clear and exciting now sound like static in my head. 

It is like listening to a familiar radio station in the background where I recognize the music, but it isn’t tuned in clearly.

Perhaps you can relate even if you don’t have your own business.  You might experience that same type of ‘mind static’ or fuzziness for long-term goals like: career advancement, losing weight, or finding a mate.

Orchids are a long-term goal kind of plant.  They often live and flourish for 20 even up to 50 years – longer than many businesses.  The right balance of conditions and care can take them from months of being dormant with just leaves and roots to producing spikes with glorious vivid flowers that can last 3-6 months!  It is exciting to watch the spike grow and the flowers appear.

What if your goals could be re-energized and then bloom like that? 

Whether or not you have your own business, you likely have some longer-term goals that could use some attention and nurturing.  In my next articles I will share 4 simple qualities of caring for my orchids that you can also apply to your business or personal goals. Find out the first two essential practices next week in Part 2 . 

In the meantime, spend a few minutes exploring where you have ‘mind static’ that is making some valuable and achievable goals seem like background noise.  Take this opportunity to refresh what matters now.  This is a time for change and redesign.

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