Get Your Long-Term Goals to Bloom – Part 2

This is a time for change and redesign.  Last week I shared a story about getting my orchids to rebloom and what that has in common with bringing your long-term personal or professional goals into focus.  Did you take some time to determine where you have some ‘mind static’ that is making valuable and achievable goals seem like background noise? Here are the first two tips (of four total tips) to get you started clearing the static. 

TIP 1 – Light  

Nothing good happens for any plant that stays in the dark too long.  Light is vital for good health and growth. If you have been keeping them in the dark, bring your long-term goals into the light.  Make a visual that you see every day.  Use pictures or words (or both) to represent your goals and the outcomes of achieving them.  Take a few moments at least once each day to focus your attention there, and connect to how it feels to have those goals accomplished.  It will help keep you motivated and remind you where you are headed when chaos pops up (‘cause you know it will).

Shine light on your goals by making them public so others know what you are up to.  

When I keep what I want to happen quietly to myself (in the dark), momentum is more likely to falter.  It is easier to make excuses for myself and let things slide if no one else knows.

Be picky and intentional about sharing your goals with people who will support you and become your Light Team.  Identify candidates who can: hold you accountable; help you move forward by making connections or accessing resources; and/or reinforce your belief in yourself and the value of the goal.

TIP 2 – Watering and Feeding   

My orchids thrive when I give them water and food in a regular pattern.  When I am less consistent, they are okay, but they are healthier and stronger when I stick to a routine. 

Don’t miss out on the value of implementing a simple system and quick ‘watering and feeding’ routine. For example, I quickly mist my orchids with water several times a week, give them a shower every 7 to 10 days, and feed them once a month.    

Solutions to maintain momentum do not all have to be complicated and time-consuming.

They do typically have to be consistent. 

Step back from your endless To-Do list, and evaluate what system you can adopt to move your long-term goals forward.  Break it down into categories to reduce the overwhelm of trying to get everything done at once.  For example, if business growth and new clients are your goals, your ‘watering and feeding’ activities could initially focus on developing networking and referral sources. When that is working well, improve your marketing material or website to get to the next growth stage (see Tip 3 in next week’s article).

Work on Tips 1 and 2 for this week, and in my next article Tips 3 and 4 will round out the process for getting your long-term goals to bloom.

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