Get Your Long-Term Goals To Bloom – Part 3

Last blog I shared 2 tips I learned from my orchids about accomplishing long-term goals. Have you tried using those tips to nurture your long-term goals with Light and with Watering and Feeding practices? Here are the last 2 tips to get your long-term goals to bloom.

Tip 3 – Growth Stages

Long-term goals take… a long time.  It can be hard to stay patient while you keep working on the growth stages that get you to the desired outcome.  I was impatient the first time around waiting for my orchids to rebloom.  Now I enjoy nurturing them even during the long periods when they are not blooming. They produce healthy roots reaching for air and water, and new leaves to support the plant. These are growth stages that help them achieve the final goal of producing flowers. The same is true for long-term goals. 

It is important to recognize interim growth steps before the final outcome is achieved. 

If you are not feeling the love for your long-term goals, try setting some shorter-term interim milestones that you enjoy, and can celebrate when they are accomplished.  Give yourself permission to be creative with your plan so you can have some fun while you are at it.

TIP 4 – Positive Attitude

My attitude about my orchids is that I firmly believe they will re-bloom. I now have proof from years of experience and being successful. However, the first time I tried it, I just simply had to have faith and believe that I could care for these plants in a way that they would reward me with their beautiful flowers. 

Check in with yourself to see if there are aspects of your long-term goals where you have lost faith in the value of your goal, or lost belief in your ability to accomplish it.  When you think about your long-term goals, notice if you feel heavy and burdened, or if there is an energy of excitement and anticipation.  Do your best to reconnect with the vision and enthusiasm you originally felt about the outcome you wanted.  If you have trouble reconnecting, it may be helpful to work with a coach on reframing or redesigning your goals.

Don’t give up on yourself or let your long-term goals become background static to your daily routine. 

Stay connected to your belief in the value of the outcome. This belief is as important as when you give your goals Light, provide routine  Watering and Feeding, and recognize Growth Stages. 

Incorporate these 4 Tips into your calendar activities for achieving your long-term golas, have faith, and get ready for your outcome to bloom.

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