Good Luck Habit #2 (of 4) – Use Intuition for Decisions

Where did the phrase “The Luck Of The Irish” come from? Are Irish people really more lucky than the rest of us?  Not quite. According to, the phrase “The Luck Of The Irish” originated in the late 1800s when many famous and successful miners digging up gold and silver were of Irish heritage. Eventually, some sarcasm crept in from those who were perhaps jealous of the success of the Irish miners.  It implied that the only way the Irish miners were able to achieve such great success was through dumb luck and chance, rather than by applying their brains and skills.

In addition to brains (logic) and specific skills, it is my guess that those lucky Irish miners also tapped into their intuition or ‘gut feeling’ to select their preferred locations for mining. You might even have heard them say something like “I just have a feeling about this one, Shamus.”

Good Luck Habit #2 – Use Your Intuition To Make Decisions

Logic is important, and having the facts about a situation absolutely helps you make good decisions.  In addition, your intuition provides a connection to your core values, past experiences, and desires for the future that goes beyond data.  One of my favorite examples of using my intuition to make a decision is how we came to live in Chapel Hill, NC.

For two years, my husband and I had been looking to downsize our home in California. We considered several places both in and out of the state, and we just weren’t moved to action by anything we had seen.  By chance (see Good Luck Habits #1 posted yesterday), I met a woman using the same energy healing technique that I use with clients, and we worked on a project together. She happened to be from Chapel Hill, where my husband and I had both gone to graduate school.

The simple information of where she was living triggered our interest. We both had a gut feeling this was going to be the place for us. We already had a trip planned to the east coast, and we added a visit Chapel Hill (to collect data) to confirm our intuition. Within six months, we had sold our home in California and were settled in our new home in Chapel Hill.

The best part about this story is that not only did we let a chance meeting lead us (Good Luck Habit #1) to an opportunity to follow our intuition (Good Luck Habit #2), but it was financially lucrative! Because we trusted ourselves and acted quickly, we sold our home at almost the peak of the housing bubble in California. That bubble burst not long after we left.

Were we lucky?  You bet! Don’t ignore that little voice inside that is telling you to consider something different from what logic alone would allow.  For tips on how to develop your intuition, check out my article “Romancing Your Inner Knowing” in the February issue of the magazine Eydis Authentic Living on pages 38-41.

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