Good Luck Habit #4 (of 4) – Find the Blessing in the Mess



You might think that being lucky means that everything goes well pretty much all the time.  Professor Wiseman’s study (see Good Luck Habit #1) showed that the people who considered themselves lucky did not live a problem or challenge free life.  A key habit they exhibited related to how they dealt with upsetting or disappointing events.  They could find the bright side regardless of what was happening.

Good Luck Habit #4 – Find the Blessing in the Mess

Perception is reality. When you choose your perception of a situation, your choice determines your experience as lucky or unlucky, positive or negative.  If you want to become luckier, develop your ability to recognize that even when things go wrong, there are always aspects that could have been so much worse.

Last summer, I flew to Detroit for a conference, and rented a car.  I was stopped at a traffic light within sight of the car rental place, and was rear ended. The damage to the car was not minor.  How would you respond to this ‘bad luck’?  Would you get angry that your day was disrupted?  Would you be really upset at how this would impact your insurance?  Or, would you choose to think about how it could have been so much worse?

Both my passenger and I felt lucky in the following ways:  No one was injured.  The driver who hit us pulled into the McDonald’s parking lot with us and did not drive away.  The policeman arrived quickly.  It only took only 90 minutes to deal with the accident paperwork, and then go back and get another car.  They gave us another car! We still had time for lunch in Greek Town.

If it is new for you to automatically look for the positive slant, begin by practicing with the small challenges of life.  When the bigger problems arrive, it will be easier for you to choose to see the blessing in the mess.  Besides, your stress and anxiety levels will drop.  Who doesn’t want that?

I agree with Professor Weisman that we create our own luck from the inside out, and we can learn to become luckier.  I also go a step further.  My belief is that there is also a loving Source energy that places wonderful opportunities in our path. You may call it chance, but I believe there are no accidents. It is our job to allow for the opportunities to be real, notice when they show up, and then accept that support.

Whether you already think you are lucky, or if you feel just the opposite, I have a challenge for you. Spend the next 4 weeks intentionally focusing on developing the four habits above. Notice if you start to feel luckier, and less stressed.  You might even come across that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

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