Listen to your Intuition… Too

If we had not acted on our intuition, we would have missed our chance. That would have truly been a tragedy. My husband’s oldest brother passed away unexpectedly in early February. We will be forever deeply grateful for the blessing of a visit with Big Brother and his Wife 5 months earlier in late August. And logic and rational thinking could have prevented us from having that priceless gift.

Have you ever had a gut feeling or instinct to do something, acted on it, and then at some point afterward you realized the significance was much greater than you had imagined?

That is the power of trusting your intuition. However, your logical brain also has tremendous power and value. Below are two tips on balancing the skill of the logical brain and the insights of intuition.

Partnership – As human beings we operate on both instinct and information. Rather than pit the two against each other, create a partnership between both of these two important aspects of yourself. Pay attention to what makes logical sense, but don’t let that stop you from listening to your intuition also, and keeping the two in balance. Together they provide a more powerful perspective than either one alone can offer.

Alignment – When you are part of a team you trust with the same goals, check in with others to see how their intuition and logic match up with yours. Ask not only what they think, but also what their gut (intuition) tells them.  

The family grapevine had told us that Big Brother’s health was not the best (he was 75), but he was dealing with it effectively and things were ‘fine’. We had not seen Big Brother in quite some time. Our intuition told both my husband and I that we needed to schedule a visit soon. It was July when we heard this. Our daughter had just gotten engaged and the wedding was in October. There was a lot on our plate. AND we were both sure that taking the time to visit Big Brother needed to happen soon. Our intuition told us not to wait until after the wedding, after the holidays, after the first of the year. 

If we had not listened to intuition, and waited instead for the logical and reasonable schedule, we likely would have missed the priceless opportunity entirely. 

Trust your inner knowing. Connect that very special part of you with your logical brain. Use the two together to find your most advantageous path forward.  

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