Luck Of The Irish – Good Luck Habit #1 (of 4)

Do you consider yourself lucky? St. Patrick’s Day is this week, and besides green beer and corned beef and cabbage, part of the fun is about claiming “The Luck Of The Irish” for yourself, whether you are Irish or not.  In the spirit of being lucky and finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, this blog article is the first in a series of four.  For the next four days, I will post a Good Luck Habit.  When you get to March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, you will have collected 4 ways to improve your luck, and get closer to your pot of gold, whatever that means for you.

In 2003, Professor Richard Wiseman published a book called The Luck Factor. His study identified a series of attitudes, beliefs, and associated behaviors that could be learned to improve a person’s luck.  In his Luck School, 80% of the students (regardless of whether they began by considering themselves as lucky or unlucky) reported feeling happier and more satisfied with their lives, as well as being luckier when they put his suggestions into practice.

The four Good Luck Habits I will share are similar to Professor Richard Wiseman’s findings, with a bit of tweaking based on my experience and work with coaching clients.

Good Luck Habit #1 – Notice And Take Advantage Of “Chance” Opportunities

This Luck Habit requires you to keep an open mind, and remain alert to what is going on around you, both the planned and unplanned.

 When I was a sophomore in college, I went on a blind date. He had planned a picnic outdoors, and Mother-Nature brought a torrential downpour. As we finished lunch at his fraternity house (which I had to cook), two of his friends came by. The four of us played cards for hours. It turns out that one of those friends eventually became my husband. If I had been too focused on my blind date, or the bad weather, or how things didn’t go as expected, I could’ve missed the opportunity to connect in a positive way with someone who influenced the course of my life.  Side note – we have been married for 41 years now!

Yes, it is important and valuable to approach social and business situations with a plan or intention for an outcome (even if it is just to have fun – like my blind date). In addition, I also recommend that you stay open to new possibilities and opportunities that seen to come along by chance.  Allow yourself to FLOW – Follow Life’s Opportunities Willingly. If you are too focused on waiting for the bus, you may miss the limousine that drives up and offers you a ride.

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