My Amazing Travel Miracle – Energy and Intention vs the Clock

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Do you ever struggle with being late?  This true story is about a miracle that happened when I was late leaving for the airport. I teach my clients to detox their internal conversations and focus positive energy and intention to get the results they want in business and life.  Being late while traveling seriously tested my ability to do just that, and to get tangible results in real time.   My ‘travel miracle’ was a clear reminder of just how quickly we can shift our situation with conscious choices about energy and intention.

At the end of 3 day conference, I planned to visit my Mom in Orlando before flying home.  I left her place for the airport 25 minutes after my drop dead time. I usually allow a minimum of 45 minutes to get to the airport, return the rental car, get my bag checked, and arrive at the security line.  When I got in the car and looked at the clock, I had 20 minutes to do all that. The drive takes at least that long on a good day.

My internal conversation started spitting out negatives like a machine gun. You’ll never make it.  You are so DUMB to be late again. You will miss the flight.  No way you will get there in time.  Just accept you can’t do it.  Stress and anxiety filled me. My energy spiraled down into resignation, and I could feel defeat settling in.  I had been reading the book E2 by Pam Grout.  She says the Field of Potentiality (or the Universe/Source energy as I call it with my clients) is always there to support you.  OK.  I’m with you, Pam. Let’s see if I can access that energy and manifest being on this flight.

I had to detox my internal conversation immediately, and stay focused on my goal. My energy and  intention  were directed to what I wanted to happen, rather than what I feared, or didn’t want to happen.  I let go of the negative energy I was feeling, released doubt, and consciously shifted my energy to positive feelings and thoughts.  I can make it.  The traffic and lights will flow smoothly. I will make this flight. This is going to work!  It became a mantra.

At the rental car return, they opened a new lane just as I drove in.  I went to the front with no waiting to get processed.  A man immediately walked up with a luggage dolly and asked if I needed help. I have never seen baggage service people in that area before!  “I have a Delta flight that leaves in exactly an hour.  Can you get my bag on board?’  He looked at his watch and said “If we hurry, I can.”  We hurried.  There was a check-in line for bags at Delta, but a ticket kiosk was open with no line.  While I printed my boarding pass, my helper  (who got a very nice tip) found a Delta agent, told them my timing problem, and they took my bag without me having to wait in line.

At security, there were hundreds of people leaving (imagine Sunday evening in the land of Disney), but there were only 3 people ahead of me for TSA pre-check!!  I was at the gate with 15 minutes to spare.  It definitely felt like a miracle.

SOOOOO many things had to fall in place.  Traffic, car return, bag check, support people, and security all had to align with my intention to make the flight.  I was able in a moment to detox my internal conversation and negative energy to completely change my experience from misery to magical.

What negative ‘I can’t’ story are you telling yourself about something that you really want to accomplish?  Tell yourself a new story.  Change your internal conversation and energy to the positive.  Believe, trust, and act in alignment with that intention.  It can change your world!

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