My New Year’s Re-Solution That Worked (Part 1)

It is mid-January.  If you made New Year’s Resolutions, this is the time many people get frustrated and give up.  Don’t be that statistic!  If you are still enthusiastic about the end result you want, and you want to make an effective change, keep reading! 

This year, why not take a fresh approach?  View your resolution as a problem-solving exercise. Choose to embrace the solution that solves a problem or challenge you want to be done with. 

What do you want to let go of now, and what do you want instead? Find a solution to what you want to change. Identify a Re-Solution. 

Over the next few weeks I’ll share tips I learned when I took on the challenge of dropping 4 pant sizes before attending a destination wedding in St. Thomas – land of bathing suits and sundresses. And, I did it!  I wanted to let go of feeling uncomfortable in my body and avoiding looking in the mirror.  I embraced working to feel strong and healthy, and not being sad to look in the mirror.

Each week I’ll share a tip or two that can help you reach the outcome you desire.

Brain Dump – List the resolutions/changes you have been considering.  Include what is important along with what seems minor, but still nags at you. Just let it flow in no specific order or level of importance.  When you are done, categorize all of them into three basic categories:  Chores, Learning, and Changing Patterns. 

·      Chores are postponed tasks – like cleaning out closets or taking a trip.  Chores have a clear end, and can be accomplished in a few dedicated hours or days. 

·      Learning resolutions involve exploring something new (speaking a language, getting a certification) or improving specific skills (cooking, sports, professional skills). 

·      Changing Patterns – common examples are weight reduction (my example), being on time, and sticking to a budget. There is a behavior pattern or set of habits that must change for your desired outcome to happen. 

Review your Brain Dump list.  Is there a theme or group of items that really all center on the same issue or desired outcome? Did you really capture your important challenges? Check in with your gut/heart/intuition on this, and not just your brain. ❤️

Next week’s blog covers some ways to prioritize and get to a whole new level of clarity on your Re-Solution. 

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