My New Year’s Re-Solution That Worked (Part 2) – Choose a Primary Focus

Congratulation on doing all of the hard word to get your Re-Solutions/changes written down on your Brain Dump List (see last week’s article). You’ve made a great start! Now let’s determine your Primary Focus and get crystal clear on the outcome you want.

Prioritize.  From your List, select one challenge for your Primary Focus. Yes, one is plenty. 

Too many resolutions and trying to achieve several outcomes at once is a sure recipe for frustration and likely failure. 

Choose an issue that is important or urgent for you. Connect your Primary Focus to Chores, Learning, and Changing Patterns on your list that support solving this problem/challenge (see last week’s article about these).

My Primary Focus was dropping 4 pants sizes. Chores were going to the gym and tracking food intake. I learned exercise techniques and better nutrition from my trainer.  I monitored my eating, sleeping, and activity patterns so I could make wiser more consistent choices and embrace patterns that supported solving my weight challenge.

Clarify Your Intention – Be clear about why your Primary Focus is important to you. What is your intention for the outcome of your efforts? Mine was to feel strong and healthy, and being satisfied when I looked in the full-length mirror. Visualize yourself at the end of the journey. Keep this vision for your future in your thoughts during your daily practices associated with your outcome. Focus your attention on what you want to achieve, rather than what you are leaving behind.   

Imagine you have succeeded and write down how you feel about yourself now that you accomplished your goal. Let the feeling fill you. Describe what is happening, how others see you, and benefits or opportunities now available. Getting connected to this vision and feeling, and associating those feelings with the actions that will get you there, is key for your success.

For example, if you are overcoming being late, see yourself being on time, arriving calm and collected ahead of time, and feeling accomplished and respected. This vision of the new you and how it feels helps you stay motivated. 

These two steps will help you maintain your excitement about your Primary Focus. Next week’s blog will share some ways to end self-sabotage.

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