My New year’s Re-Solution That Worked (Part 4) – Celebrate Baby Steps

Are you are making great progress on your Re-Solution? Or maybe you recently had a slip. It’s okay. Slips happen, and life events can get in the way of progress.  Stick with it anyway.  Here are two tips to help you get back on track and/or keep going.

Weather the Setbacks –When you get off track, don’t get stuck in shame and blame. Reconnect to your vision of what it will be like for you at the end of the journey.  Ups and downs along the way are normal.  Forgive yourself and don’t give up.  Keep your focus on the desired outcome, rather than on any mistakes. Glean the lessons from your mistakes, and (yes, I am saying it again) forgive yourself. Give yourself permission to ask for help from your coach/support system to adjust your plan so you can stay on track.

You may have to repeat something, or choose a new approach to a challenge. In either case, identify the next step forward from where you are now, and begin moving again.

Celebrate Accomplishments – Did you resist giving in to a Sabotager? Celebrate! Did you achieve one of your plan’s intermediate goals? Celebrate! Did you learn a valuable lesson? Celebrate! Doing a happy dance, telling your support Team, or giving yourself a reward (that isn’t a Sabotager) can keep you motivated. Be generous with self-praise. At the end of each day before you go to sleep, identify 1 to 3 things you are proud of yourself for. It can be something major, or maybe something that seems small. Let the feeling of accomplishment fill you before you go to sleep.

Remember to celebrate your baby steps. They matter. Nothing big ever happens without them. 

Even if you repeat a step after a slip or setback, it is important to acknowledge and celebrate renewed forward motion. Mark you interim and major successes at each phase of your plan. Share with your coach and others how it feels to reach your interim goals along the way.  You never know who you could inspire!

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