Romancing Your Intuition

What do you call that experience of somehow knowing what will happen ahead of time, or having a sense of responses needed in a situation that are not purely based on fact or logic? You may call it a gut feeling, an insight, or instinct. Somehow you just know. The knowing may strike you with a passion and fierce clarity, or it could be a gentle whisper. To me, that experience comes from connecting to my intuition or inner knowing. No matter the name, I’m pretty sure you know what I mean. I have yet to find someone who says they have never had this type of experience.

Whether you consider yourself to be intuitive or not, you can learn to develop the power of your inner knowing.

Developing this important resilience skill can help reduce stress and frustration. Use the suggestions below and those in next week’s article to power up your intuition. 

Just like deepening your relationship with anyone or anything else, you can develop an intimacy and trust with your inner knowing by adding a little romance to the mix.  

What does romance mean to you? You may conjure visions of flowers, candy, poetry, quiet walks, or expensive restaurants. To me, all those outward activities represent two key expressions of heartfelt care –Appreciation, and Public Acknowledgement. You can use these same two techniques to romance your inner knowing and strengthen your relationship with your intuition.

Appreciation – Something that always makes me feel valued in a relationship is getting some special attention. Offer your inner knowing some focused attention to help strengthen your relationship with this aspect of yourself. Don’t stop at noticing in passing when your gut instinct shows up. Don’t take it for granted as if it is a fluke or a curiosity. Instead, express gratitude for your inner knowing and how it benefits you. 

If you have a hunch about something and following through brings you some benefits, remember to take a moment to appreciate and celebrate the hunch along with the benefits. 

Let your intuition know that it is appreciated and it will be more likely to show up just when you need it!

Public Acknowledgment – When couples get engaged or note being ‘in a relationship’ on Facebook, it is a public acknowledgment of a private commitment. Those actions elevate the status of the relationship because it is acknowledged to others beyond the privacy of the partnership. Share with others what you are noticing and appreciating about connecting more deeply with your intuition and the benefits it brings you. 

Talking about it makes your experience real in your outer world as well as your inner world. If you are shy about revealing what you are up to, select a person or two you can trust to support your personal journey. 

As your connection to your inner knowing becomes stronger, the benefits and applications will become clearer. Next week’s article will address Applications and Signals for your intuition.

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